Collier College is a program designed by Nathan S. Collier to encourage and promote continuous learning opportunities for Team Members (“TMs”) of The Collier Companies (“TCC”).   Each class is personally taught by Nathan S. Collier or a Senior Team Member and will allow each TM the opportunity to learn from the Owner  in an up close and personal format.  The program meets twice a year for ten sessions . Each semester is designed to give each TM a balanced curriculum that focuses on the twin topics of Life Management Tools and the Fundamentals of Real Estate Investing. The Life Management Tools portion of the class will begin with a focus on goal-setting and the creation of action plans for each of the six major roles we have in life. Over the course of the 10 sessions the TM will learn to set, prioritize, commit, and achieve a both a professional and a personal goal through the “Power of Visualization”, peer accountability and daily journaling.

The Fundamentals of Real Estate Investing segment of the class will focus on giving students an introduction to key real estate terms and metrics through a series of case studies that focus on properties thorough out the TCC portfolio. The objective of each class is to give each student a tool that they can use in their life management toolbox and apply to their daily professional and personal routines. Every TM — whether their primary responsibilities revolve around service/maintenance, the community, IT, finance, acquisitions, asset management, human resources, accounting, facilities or marketing — will benefit by enrolling in Collier College.   Whether it’s their first time in the class or whether they are using it to refresh what they learned in prior semesters. Each semester is different in part 1) because most of the case studies are either new or reflect new developments in prior case studies and 2) because each time Nathan delivers this class, he progresses as well.