Life is really pretty simple. Not easy, but simple…

How do you lose weight?
– East less
– Exercise more

How do you get ahead in life?
– Set a goal
– Create a plan
– Implement plan
– Observe results
– Modify plan appropriately and repeat

The Key is DOING it. Doing as well as we know. “To know and not DO is to not know.”

I learned a long time ago that one of the keys, one of the simple truths that works for me personally, is honoring my “golden hour,” a few moments in the morning, a few moments in the evening of inspirational reading and journaling. I find it focuses me and energizes me in an extraordinary way. Sometimes the effect is immediate; sometimes it is a gradual but powerful course correction, a planting of a seed that sprouts in due time.

If I keep my golden hour faithfully, it is a high leverage event. And I can make it easy! If I’m tired or rushed, it’s okay to just read a page and write a short paragraph. Often the words catch my interest and before I know it pages and pages, even chapters, have been devoured and my spirit aroused and renewed. Or the words will flow from my pen and my thoughts will crystalize, and new-found clarity will emerge. But the key is to do something regularly, even if it is just symbolic: Read a paragraph, write a sentence. Keep the habit alive and vibrant. Maintain the momentum.

BUT (Here I go. This is my inner critic, my shadow side coming out! Argue for your weakness and it’s yours.), at times the busyness of the day, the weariness, and “I just don’t feel like it,” kick in and I get off track. And a few days or weeks or months go by and I wonder where my motivation went, how did my energy dissipate, why was I so short with that person?

A few nights back I lay in bed and realized how long it had been since I’d honored my golden hour. And the phrase, “For every disciplined effort, there is multiple reward,” drifted through my mind. I popped out of bed and picked up Wayne Dyer’s latest book, “Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling,” and low and behold, inspiration flowed! I was energized and re-focused.

I’ve been back on track lately with my golden hour, and it feels good. Life is really pretty simple…