fog2.gifWhile we may have some idea of our goals in life, just what concrete steps need to be taken, how to navigate the entire journey to achieve them, can be frustratingly unclear.

Some people insist that the path be mapped out in its entirety before they embark. If they cannot see their way clear, if they do not fully understand the complete route, they will stay put.

Nonsense! You won’t get much done that way. Take “three steps into the fog.”

When a dense fog sets in, you cannot see. But you often have at least a general idea of the direction you want to go (forward, not backward).

Usually you’re able to see at least a few steps in front of you. Take them. Once you have advanced, you will be able to see another few steps. Take those and repeat!

You may wander a bit, you may be a few degrees off course, but you will much farther along than those timid souls who sat and waited and waited and waited for the perfect forecast, the can’t lose, no risk, 100% certainty scenario.

In my life, I’ve often taken steps into the fog and it has taken me to some interesting places. Even if some of them were a bit off course, learning where I did not want to go often sharpened my sense of where I did want to go.