hammer1.jpgLife is wonderful but it also is rather finite (anybody find a way out of here alive, please let me know).

I want to make the most out of my life that I can. The best we can be, we must be. Best, of course, is a matter of personal definition. The wisest of us acknowledge a need for sustainable balance as we allocate our time and energy among our various roles in life (family, work, civic, social, spiritual, physical).

In all my roles, I yearn to find that sweet spot, that zone of flow, that highest leverage point, that place were I am most effective, where I am doing the most good, where I am meant to be.

A Greek fellow named Archimedes said, “Give me a lever long enough and I can move the world”.

I think about my HLP frequently and I ask myself daily: “Am I making the best use of my time and energy? Am I on a mission? Is this related to by heart’s song, my true calling? Does this serve humanity? My highest self? Can I delegate this? Am I doing what only I can do? Does this truly make a difference? Is this related to my goals? Am I doing what I love or failing that what I truly must do?”*

Focusing on my highest leverage point keeps me on purpose, keeps me from frittering my life away**

* Even as the ultimate boss, the sole shareholder, the chairman of the board, I find that there are things I do not want to do that I still must do. I think this is always the case in life. It is magical thinking to believe it can ever be otherwise.

** Recreation, renewal, restoration, and rest all can be HLP activities. Even saints must sleep and priests must play. And if you have decided that your highest mission in life is to be a beachcomber, and you can accomplish that honestly and without being on the public dole, more power to you!