wgn_air_diamond-anim.gifI often think of my personality as a multi-faceted diamond. Solid and enduring, but with many sides.

Often I am called upon to respond to something in a way that is not necessarily my forte, or favorite place to be, or the place I would choose to be if I had a full range of viable options.

One way I enable myself to respond as effectively as possible is by imaging myself literally rotating to bring the best side of me to bear on the situation–the side of me that is most capable, most skilled in this particular area.

If asked to characterize myself I would say I am a business extrovert and a social introvert. I like my privacy. I like my solitude. I like my alone time. I like my quiet time. I like my space. I like having boundaries.

While true, at the same time there have been times when I outwardly have been an extreme extrovert. I know that side of me is available, that I can access it, that I can psych myself up to go there.

I am a person who prefers action to meetings, movement to sitting still. Patience is a virtue of which I am always in pursuit. Although there have been occasions when I have been able to display patience that has blown me (and those who know me well) away. There is a place I know how to go, a place of stillness and peace deep within me to which I know the path. It is not a well-worn path, but it is one clearly marked.

Having those places to go, those varied skills to call upon, knowing that all those many facets of the diamond exist simultaneously within me, is an incredibly valuable resource that gives me strength and confidence to handle diverse situations.

How many facets does your diamond have? What uninhabited areas of your personality could you move into if you need to?