farmer.jpgThere are only 24 hours in a day, and while we are a generation fortunate enough to reasonably expect to exceed life spans of the Biblical allotment of three score and ten, our time on this earth is finite.

I want to do and be as much as I can during my time in this mortal plane, help as much as I can, do as much good as I can. So I want to use my time and energy as wisely as I can because it is impossible to do everything. If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.

Some situations are not ripe, some opportunities are more high leverage than others, some challenges better align with my interests and skill set. There have been times when I tried diligently but did not succeed. These are what I think of as “rocky ground,” not the highest and best use of my time and energy. There are other places where the soil is more ready, where the same efforts will yield greater fruit.

If you truly feel that a particular piece of rocky ground is your calling, the realization that it is rocky may be your inspiration to spend more time preparing the soil before you attempt to plant your crop (see my blog called “Rather than increase driving forces, remove restraining forces”).

“The wise farmer does not cast seed on rocky ground” is another way of saying, always look for your highest leverage point. Always try to be your most effective self.