glass.jpgA while back I wrote about reframing, the technique of choosing to look at something in a positive light, in a way that served you, that moved you forward toward your goal.

Was reading an interview of Jack Welch the other day and came across a fantastic example of reframing that Jack’s mother gave him:

Q: You had a stammer as a child.

A. An enormous stammer, I still have it. And she would always say to me, “Jack, your brain is just so fast your tongue can’t keep up with it. Don’t worry about it.” I mean, give me a break. And I never thought I had a stammer. And I used to be terrible. I couldn’t get words out.

Jack was blessed with a very wise mother who had the wisdom to give young Jack an empowering point of view, to frame what some might view as a negative into inspiring evidence of a confidence-building strength.

– What potentially powerful reframe opportunities exist in your life?

– What points of view do you hold that drain your energy? How can you reframe them?

– What outlooks do you have that do not serve you? How do other people view them?

– Is there anyone among you who has used this situation to move forward?

– As a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block?

– As an inspirational challenge instead of a blocking frustration?

– What other possible ways exist to view the situation?

– What would Jack’s mother say?