calendar.jpgTime to START…

Time to start what?

Time to start thinking about your roles and goals for the coming year.

It is mere days until the New Year. You have limited hours to map out and plan the next year of your one and only life.

This is not a dress rehearsal. This life you are living is the ONLY chance you get.

So make the most of it and live your life with purpose. With spontaneity, yes, but with a plan and a purpose as well.

So start planning your next year TODAY.

Your life is important. Do not wait until the last moment.

Think it through, plot and plan. Start setting your goals and thinking through your roles NOW!

It is important to have goals in ALL the major areas of your life, to balance all the important roles you have.

What is important to you? What would excite you to accomplish or achieve in each of these areas?

  • Family/Friends
  • Health/Physical
  • Spiritual/Creative
  • Social/Community
  • Education/Mental/Personal Growth
  • Career/Financial

The time to start thinking about your roles and goals is NOT New Years Day, but NOW!

The more time and energy you spend focusing on them (like anything else), the more successful you will be.

Remember: A fool with a plan can beat a genius without one.