santascale.jpgWhat do you think is impossible?

What do you think is impossible for you to do? To accomplish? To change? To become? To start? To finish?

What are your beliefs about yourself?

What do you believe you are capable of?

What do you think your limits are?

How many of those limits are self imposed? Imposed by the beliefs of others?

How do you feel about those limits? Do they frustrate you? Anger you? Or do you (passively) accept them?

Do you want to change?

Do you have a vision of a new you? A different you? A more enthusiastic, energized you? One who bounds out of bed every morning with passion and joy for the day ahead?

How committed are you to that vision? What have you done lately (like today) to create that new you? What can you do tomorrow? And the day after?

The secret of your future lies in your daily routine and the beliefs that create and surround that routine. Challenge your beliefs today, create new routines, new habits——even small ones——just to prove to yourself you can. Visualize any changes you would like to create. Imagine yourself being, doing, becoming any vision you have for a new, better, different you.

Write it out as you would a script for an actor in a play or movie. Imagine yourself playing the role, doing all the things that “New You” would do, including acquiring the knowledge, auditing the courses, reading the books, talking to the experts, or listening to the CD in the car; becoming the full and complete inside of the “New You,” not just the outside.

Wayne Dyer wrote a book, “Real Magic,” where he defined magic as any time we create a change in ourselves, in our lives, that we used to believe was impossible. By this empowering definition, we are all capable of becoming magicians!

Think you can, think you can’t, you are right.