umeyer1.jpgSuccess is never final. It repeatedly must be re-won.

The minute you are finished, entropy sets in. The minute you are born, the process of dying begins. This is nothing to be upset about, it is simply the cycle of life. It must be acknowledged, accepted, and dealt with.

We certainly must celebrate and enjoy our victories and successes. That privilege is one of the joys of life. At the same time we must awaken the next morning and know that the pendulum swings, the marketplace is changing, the cycle is running, and success is never final.

I have spent much of my life metaphorically scanning the horizon, looking for threats, sniffing the wind for scent of both opportunity and danger. I have posted blogs on this topic previously (“Complacency is a Champion’s Greatest Foe” and “Two Sets of Skills”).

I touch on it again because I believe that a vibrant awareness of the temporariness of success, its ephemeral nature, is such a critical component to life-long success.

A true champion never takes success for granted, a life-long champion is always learning, always growing, always training for the next challenge.

If you love what you do, if challenge stirs your blood and gets your heart pumping, this is an exciting statement, because it means the game is never over.