draw.jpgI was drawn to the brutal self-honesty of the “I would do anything to be able to draw except practice drawing” postcard. It is from postsecrets.com, a site where people mail their secrets anonymously, usually on postcards that creatively relate to them or to their situation.

Self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-honesty are wonderful gifts that we have the power to give ourselves.

The “I would do anything to be able to do (fill in the blank) EXCEPT …” syndrome is more common than we might realize.

Usually the “EXCEPT” is the thing most likely to get us what we think we want and usually it involves either

1) that bugaboo of easy street dreams, hard work, or

2) it requires confronting our fears about something: fear of exposure, fear of risk, fear of failure, fear of putting ourselves out there

If you are not willing to do the work, if you are not willing to confront your fears and expand your limits, you do not have dreams, you have fantasies.

Take small steps toward your dreams, steps so small that they are ridiculously easy. Enlist allies and develop a support network. Without abandoning wise and loving council, eschew those who make fun of your dreams or belittle your efforts. You will be be astounded how far small steps will take you over time. Corrected and honed via intelligent review and feedback, consistently and persistently made, seemingly small efforts can compound over the years into journeys whose length and breadth will surprise, delight, and amaze you as you look back.

Believe in yourself and your potential. I do.

Closing Quote:
β€œHe who conquers others is strong; he who conquers himself is mighty.” β€” Lao-Tzu