10-10-10.pngWhat, pray tell, does “10-10-10” stand for?

“10-10-10” is the title of Suzy Welch’s (Jack Welch’s wife, he of G.E. fame) new book: “10-10-10: 10 Minutes, 10 Months, 10 Years: A Life Transforming Idea.”

The concept is a “decision-making tool”: everything, all choices, should be evaluated over three time horizons:

– Immediate consequences/impact (10 minutes)

– Intermediate outcomes (10 months)

– The long haul (10 years)

Touted as a resource allocation and time management tool, “10-10-10” does have the benefit of a catchy name. It is hard to argue with anything that helps people remember to take the time to think through consequences of a decision.

My personal favorite on actions and consequences is, “Pick up one end of the stick, pick up the other.”

“10-10-10” has the advantage of structuring a look at three specific time frames——short, intermediate, and long. If this easy-to-remember handle gets more people to pause and weigh things out before plunging, the more power to it and to Suzy Welch as well.