mirrors1.jpgLife is constantly reflecting back to us. We often are most upset with others when we encounter the things we most fear or that bother us most about ourselves. Rarely are we upset for the reasons we think we are. Dig deeper, look for patterns, reasons why certain events keep repeating in your life.

The actors may change, the scenery, props, and background may change, but you would be surprised how often the script stays the same. We may create drama in our lives to distract ourselves from deeper underlying issues that we are afraid to face.

There is a reason we continually repeat certain dramatic themes in our lives and we will stay on the merry-go-round until we find the courage to face and resolve the elemental issues, until we find the internal fortitude to face the mirror and acknowledge what it shows. There is no point in being angry with the mirror or breaking the mirror. It merely shows us what is.