Sands of TimeThere is a story…

At the end of his Sunday sermon, it was the preacher’s practice to stand at the back of the auditorium and shake hands with his parishioners as they departed. One man spoke with enthusiasm and gratitude, saying he had found deep inspiration and motivation in the pastor’s remarks. Anxious to know what he said that impacted the man so greatly, the pastor inquired as to specifics. The parishioner replied, “Well, I’ve been going through an incredible crisis in my life. I’ve been lost and drifting. The words that moved me where in the middle of your sermon when you said, ‘that concludes this section, it is now time to move on to the next portion.’ I realized that applied to my life as well.”

Obviously, it was the man’s interpretation that created the impact, the words themselves were nominal. The man found inspiration and guidance because he was ready and willing to receive it, because at some level he was looking for the wisdom he found. Often we already know what to do, we are just looking for an external trigger, seeking external validation before we proceed.

We hold the keys to our own greatness. Inspiration, wisdom, and guidance surrounds us in great abundance if we are willing to accept it. What we look for, we find. The view out the window opens onto both the muddy field and the blue sky. Everyone sees both, some focus low, some focus high. As always, our personal choice and our inner energy levels are significantly impacted by what we choose to focus on.

Walking through the gate of change takes but a moment. Getting ready to walk through the gate? Ahhh, that takes as long as you choose!

Your life is waiting.

If not now, when?