iStockThoughtsB_1Thinking will NOT make it so. Or at least thinking will not automatically make it so.

Positive thinking will not robotically make your troubles go away. Sorry.

However, things DO turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out.

My point? There is a BIG difference between positive thinking and magical thinking.

Positive thinking is solution-oriented. Positive thinking acknowledges the problem, analyzes the issues, makes a plan, and goes to work.

Magical thinking involves believing that merely thinking positive thoughts is enough. That positive thoughts will somehow materialize in the real world of and by themselves, that if you simply expect things to get better, they will.

Positive thinking is the first step on the road to resolution, magical thinking is a long step down the road to delusion.

Optimists DO generally succeed more often then pessimists, but it is because they try longer and harder and more often than pessimists (“Learned Optimism” is a great book on the topic).

It is important to be a “realistic optimist” and never confuse a positive, can-do attitude with magical thinking.