We are continually re-learning the lessons of life, even the small everyday ones.

I pride myself on being an entrepreneur, someone who always finds a way, someone who continues with perseverance when others give up, a solution-oriented extra-miler. It may not be 100 percent true, but it is my self concept. Or as they say, “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!”

I was in Miami Beach at Joe’s Stone Crab on Washington Avenue and South Pointe Drive. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to dine there, in addition to their world-famous stone crabs, Joe’s also has some really excellent made-on-the-premises granola. It is available in its Take Away Cafe as either breakfast cereal or in take-home packages.

I’ve grown fond of Joe’s granola and partake every time I’m in the vicinity. Joe’s Stone Crab has another particularity, they close down lock, stock, and barrel every summer, generally from mid-May to mid-October. Crazy business plan, it seems to me but, hey, it seems to work for them.

So I wandered into Joe’s Take Away for breakfast recently, well aware that it was nigh the end of the season and my last chance to have some yummy granola. With mouth-watering anticipation, I placed my breakfast order only to be devastated by the reply. “Sorry, we have run out. We are closing in two days and we ran out.” Wow! This had never happened before. How about packages to go? “Sorry, we are out of those, too.”

I related my tale of woe, my dashed expectations, to my friend, Jim Dekis, when he had the audacity to wonder why I had not asked if they were going to get more in stock. “Why?” I replied. “What’s the point? Surely they would have told me? Surely they would have volunteered that information?”

“Maybe. Maybe not. Did you ask?” Well, no I hadn’t. I’d given up. I’d assumed something as fact that I did not really know.

So, I trudged up to the counter and asked the question: “Are you going to get any more of your delicious granola?”

“Yep,” came the answer. “Cooking it up now. Should be ready by 3 o’clock.”


Good news, another lesson learned in the dangers of assumptions and thinking that the whole world thinks the same way you do.

I ordered 5 packages.