“30 Methods of Influence” by Stephen R. Covey

24. Don’t give up, and don’t give in. It is unkind to shield people from the consequences of their own behavior. In doing so, we teach them they are inadequate and weak. When we give in to irresponsible behavior by excusing it or sympathizing with it, we condone and foster spoiled, law-unto-self behavior. And if we give up——by ignoring people or tearing into them——we undermine their motivation to try. The discipline of Don’t give up, and don’t give in, tempered with love, comes from responsible, disciplined living. Otherwise we take the course of least resistance—giving in when we care or giving up when we don’t.

In 10 succinct pages, Stephen R. Covey’s “30 Methods of Influence” contains some of the greatest wisdom I’ve ever read.

The methods fall into three categories: 1. Example: Who You Are and How You Act, modeling by doing (others see), 2. Relationship: Do you Understand and Care? (others feel), and 3. Instruction: What You Tell Me (others hear).

While I’ve posted a blog on the 30 Methods in their entirety, they are so powerful and have had such a profound impact upon my life and effectiveness that I am now posting them one by one, one each week. Profound thoughts are best if savored, wisdom is gained most thoroughly if absorbed over time.