There is very little difference between people, but that little difference makes a BIG difference, especially compounded over time.

The secrets of life-long success are simple. Not easy, just simple. We all know how to lose weight: eat right, exercise more. Yet more than a third of Americans are obese, another third overweight, and the percentages of both are climbing.

The secret lies NOT in knowing what to do BUT in motivating ourselves to do as well as we know.

The techniques of motivation are many. A powerful one is to harness your desire, learn to direct your thoughts and focus your mind; make them work for you:

– Pick a goal that “juices” you
– create a plan with small steps
– build a record of micro-victories
– dwell on that record
– journal your triumphs
– use micro-victories as a way to build your self-concept as a person capable of generating desired results
– analyze any setbacks for lessons learned
– accept plateaus as a temporary part of the process
– keep your eye on the mountain top
– persist, persist, persist

Your daily progress may be infinitesimally small, perhaps imperceptible, but looking back over the year, you will be amazed at what you’ve accomplished! Most of us tend to overestimate what we can do in a day or a month and underestimate what we can bring to pass over a year, over a decade, over a lifetime. Micro-victories are a sure path to a macro-successful life.