One of the greatest enemies of long-term success is complacency. Yesterday’s triumphs in no way guarantee tomorrow’s successes. For many, the temptation to kick back and coast is strong. A bit of celebration, a touch of rest and relaxation is wonderful, even beneficial. But when that mental vacation starts to stretch on? Believe me, the competition is beginning to gain on you. The hare was a much better runner, but lost to the tortoise who had the better mental game.

How good is your mental game? Do you have what it takes to keep your edge sharp? Today, tomorrow, and forevermore? Do you enjoy learning? Is your mind flexible? Can you adapt to change? Make it a fun game?

When things go well, some people ease up a bit, stop giving their best, and often end up squandering their best opportunities. More than once I’ve had a big lead on the racquetball court and declared myself the winner in my mind, only to find out that the other guy didn’t agree.

Compete as if there are always footsteps right behind you. If they aren’t right now, they will be pretty soon. Plan as if the wolf could show up at the door at any moment. If you don’t, odds are the wolf will appear sooner or later.

Closing quotes:

“My greatest security is my insecurity.”

“Act hungry…to make sure you don’t end up hungry.”

“When a great team loses through complacency, it will constantly search for new and more intricate explanations to explain away defeat.” — Pat Riley