A Swedish study of identical twins separated at birth and reared apart found that genes accounted for only 20 to 30 percent of a long life; life style was the more dominant factor.

Key Factors?

– healthy diet

– regular exercise

– many friends, strong family and community ties, extensive social network

– healthy self-esteem

– positive, optimistic view of life

The “3 R’s of Longevity” seem to be:

Closing quotes:

“I think the secret of long life is partly genes but…it is also being conscious of your body. Your body is your instrument… I always did exercises, did a lot of yoga, stretching and walking.” – Esther Tuttle, age 99

“I always put anything disagreeable or bad out of the way. That’s the secret of life. Don’t emphasize anything that is bad or evil but get rid of it or rise above it.” – Travilla Demming, age 100

“(She had) taken hardships in stride, traipsed blithely over obstacles and converted many into building blocks…adhered to a regimen of careful diet, hard work, regular exercise and a very long list of community service all while raising three children.” – The Wall Street Journal, October 19, 2010, “Secrets of the Centenarians”