Geoff Vuleta is CEO of Fahrenheit 212, an innovation consulting firm in New York City. Geoff’s creed is that a trait of a good leader is to “build loyalty beyond reason” and to get people “totally believing that something is possible.” One way Geoff leads is by asking all his company’s employees to create a rolling 100-day to-do list.

What’s on this list? Well, what went wrong in the last 100 days? What caused you grief that you don’t want to happen again? Nail those “pain points”! Not all projects are equal; what projects have the potential to create mega, mind-blowing results, outcomes, changes, or progress? How are you going to focus on them? Achieve them?

What is on your 100-day to-do list? What are you doing to make it real?

(Source: The New York Times, November 20, 2010)