The other day I asked an accomplished associate what he was looking for in life that he had not yet achieved. I was surprised by his answer but instantly understood and related:

“Peace of mind. I still get frustrated when the person ahead of me in line doesn’t have change or his checkbook ready, or with the driver who seems asleep when the red light changes. I know it doesn’t help but I still get irritated.”

Been there, done that. Still working on it.

I shared a quotation that has helped me greatly: “From forgiving thoughts, a gentle world emerges.” When I need it, I sing to myself “from forgiving thoughts comes a gentle world” like a mantra; it soothes and reorients me.

I’ve had bad days, too, drifted in my thoughts, become confused, at times performed at less than my best. That person ahead of me is my friend, my neighbor, my fellow human being. Indeed, me.

I resume my day more calm and more effective.