We all go the same distance in life, it’s just that some of us go in circles. And if circles are what you want, that’s fine. But at some point many people wake up and wonder why they have not accomplished more or grown more–spiritually or intellectually or emotionally–or achieved more of their goals, made more with what they were given.

Why do people go in circles? Because they have no plan, no goal, no north star to guide them.

Even if you are not exactly certain where you want to end up, some goal is usually better than none. Striking out in the general direction of some area that holds your interest will yield benefit. You will gain knowledge, information, experience, and familiarity that will serve you well in refining your quest.

We all go the same distance in life, some of us just go in circles.

– Do you have written goals?

– Short-, intermediate-, and long-term targets for each goal?

– Do you visit your goals periodically and revise them at least annually?

– Do you have goals for every major role of your life?

– A plan to get to those targets?

– Accountability checkpoints along the way?

– A friend or co-worker to play the role of coach or cheerleader to spur you on and hold you accountable?

If not, do you like circles?

This is a classic from the NSC Blog archive, originally posted May 1, 2008.