What is your “personal brand”?

What do people expect from you? What do they associate with you? What attributes come to mind when your name comes up?

Are you a can-do type? Dependable and reliable? Steady and resourceful? Creative? Persistent?

Or is your creativity more evident in your excuses than in your solutions? Are you more known for your untapped (hopeful) potential than for your for actual accomplishments?

Brands so permeate our society today that it is an interesting thought experiment to apply the concept to ourselves, to attempt to visualize how we appear to the world around us.

Are you happy with your personal brand? Are you motivated to re-position your brand?

Until now, you may have created your personal brand haphazardly, behaving without much thought about the impressions (and future) you are creating by your actions.

Thoughts become emotions, emotions become actions, actions create your life.

Please create the life of your dreams. You deserve no less than the best life you can live.