One of the greatest releases in life comes when we realize it is not necessary to make others wrong in order for us to be right.

If we truly are comfortable with the roads we have taken then we are at peace with letting others take their own paths, however divergent. Truly secure individuals are confident of the choices they have made and see no need to judge or convert others in order to reinforce their own belief systems.

Too often when we feel the need to defend our opinions and beliefs we attack others’ equally strongly-held positions, often reinforcing their convictions as they dig in, protecting their own beliefs with righteous fervor. When we can let go of the need to proselytize and simply be content to let others be, we will most likely be perceived as reasonable and approachable and our influence will grow.

Those with deep wisdom, those with strength of character, allow their lives to speak their beliefs.

Closing quotes:

“A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” – Dale Carnegie

“Better well done then well said.” – Benjamin Franklin

“That which you attack, you often strengthen. It is always better to remove restraining forces then to increase driving forces.” – Unknown