Learn to Combine Skills: It is difficult to develop a world-class skill in one particular area but it’s relatively easy to learn how to decently do several different things. The key is to find a field that needs that combination of skills. Ask questions constantly, have an eternal hunger to learn about the fields surrounding your core skill.

Fail Forward: Risk takers find themselves failing frequently. That’s okay, even good, if it is not catastrophic or destructive failure. Use the experience to gain skills. Failure is a process, not an obstacle. Fail intelligently, fail quickly, fail cheaply, and you will learn quickly and cheaply.

Attract Luck: To succeed, you must first do something. If that doesn’t work, which will be most of the time, do something else. Luck finds the doers. Make it easy for luck to find you.

Conquer Fear: Fear usually points the way to our greatest growth opportunities. “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Communicate Simply and Clearly: Simplicity makes ideas powerful. Use headlines that summarize concisely, use bullet points. Write direct sentences and avoid extra words.