“The wall” has many forms but in essence it is a belief in limits—your limits, others’ limits, the limits of possibility.

I took karate while in high school to develop confidence in my physical skills. Karate also helped me develop mental skills. I remember breaking my first board with a hand strike. At first I attempted to visualize myself breaking the board with one clean, powerful blow. But my Sensei taught me something I remember to this day: “Do not see the board. If you see the board you will slow down. See instead a clear path, open air, no obstacle.”

Focus on your goals, on solutions. Yes, you must analyze obstacles and learn about them, but most people spend way too much time focused on obstacles and too little time on the path beyond. Too much focus on obstacles gives them power and inordinate stature.

Don’t see the wall, don’t focus on the wall, don’t believe in the wall, and above all don’t give in to the wall. You are great. Live your greatness.