Entrepreneurs are forever challenging convention, querying the need for the status quo, asking

– Why are things done the way they are?

– Is there a faster, better, less expensive way?

– Why are we staffed at this level?

– What is the workflow?

– What is the return on investment of this expenditure?

– What are the hard benefits? The soft benefits?

– What are the risks of change?

– What are the rewards of change?

– What makes for happy, loyal customers?

– Am I better today then yesterday? How can I be even better tomorrow?

– Is this the highest leverage point for my attention and effort? Am I focused on my biggest rocks?

– What is the lowest-hanging fruit in sight?

– How can I multitask at a higher level?

– How can I increase the return on my time? My energy?

Apropos multitasking: It was a beautiful weekend, crisp air, a joy to be outdoors. My wife suggested we head out to Paynes Prairie to enjoy the day. I agreed that it was a wonderful day to be outside, how about we kill two birds with one stone and be outside by going on community walks? We ended up doing a bit of both.

P.S.: My concept of “the best I can be, I must be,” includes balance. I greatly value having multiple roles in my life including spouse, father, friend, and community member. I do find that the best business and leadership lessons often have a 360-degree application. Learning to listen acutely and adopting a win/win negotiating style benefit you in every area of your life.