Lots of people complain they do not have enough time but what they really mean is they do not have enough energy. They come home at the end of a day’s work and collapse on the couch or go through the motions but they do not do anything meaningful with their days and their after-hours time. To get the most out of life, you must have energy not only at 9 in the morning but at 9 in the evening as well, at least a significant amount of the time.

The first step is to monitor your energy levels, to increase your awareness of its ebbs and flows. Next, notice your energy triggers. What ignites your passions, gets your juices flowing? What drains your energy, saps your strength? In essence, you are learning your personal programming code, your operating system, and how to modify it, how to write new lines of positive, energy-oriented code and how to de-bug energy killing viruses. The keys could be thought patterns, certain people, or various external stimuli, locations, or events.

Many find targets, goals, and deadlines to be motivational and committing to small, even extremely small steps can create momentum and an invigorating sense of progress and self-mastery. I have found that a commitment of just three pages of inspirational or educational reading a night to be so minute that it’s easy to do and many nights I find I’ve read an entire chapter.

It’s your life. What are you waiting for? Stop sleepwalking! Do something great with your life, create your own masterpiece, make a difference.

Closing quotes:

“So easy when I want to, so hard when I don’t.”

“Some folks have a million reasons why they can’t when all they need is one reason why they must.”