The hardy personality is one that can experience situations others would consider stressful, yet still remain calm and function at a high level.

Three common traits comprise this physiological hardiness:

1. Commitment: Hardy personalities are committed to their tasks, their jobs, the people around them. They find the world interesting. They involve themselves wholeheartedly. They give their best because they know no other way. They tend to be cheerful, upbeat people with a zest for life.

2. Control: Hardy personalities believe they can impact the world around them, that their efforts and attitude can make a difference in outcomes. They ask empowering, solution-oriented questions and dig beneath the surface to find creative alternatives.

3. Challenge: Hardy personalities consider change a normal, even exciting and stimulating part of life. They know change frequently brings opportunity, a chance to learn, develop, and grow.

Not everyone is born with the “hardy personality,” BUT everyone can choose to develop physiological hardiness. The key is how you choose to frame things, the questions you choose to ask yourself. Cheerfully choose to commit, joyously believe you can make a difference, accept the challenge, and then revel in it!

Closing quotes:

“Stumbling block, stepping stone: it’s all about choice.”

“You may not be able to choose the thoughts that come to mind but you can choose the thoughts that stay in mind, the thoughts you dwell and focus on…”

“Think you can, think you can’t; right you are.”