Ran across a golf book recently called “Unconscious Putting,” by Dave Stockton with Rudy Matthew. Its thesis is that while the long game in golf requires a strong focus on mechanics and related mastery of physical skill, the putting stroke is much simpler, a mere 18 inches or so, requiring a greater emphasis on mastering mental skills. Even though the short game on the putting green could easily consume as many strokes as the long game, equally vital to success, players tend to carry over long game techniques onto the putting green.

It seems much like life: we take what works for us in one area and we apply it elsewhere willy-nilly. There are some areas where hard work, hard skills, focus, and intensity can work wonders. There are other times where softer skills such as letting go, relaxing, visualizing success, and employing calming mental routines can be our best approach.

One size never fits all: successful people continuously add to their “life management toolbox,” learning new skills, soft and hard, as well as always honing old abilities, to appropriately deal with an ever-changing world. All of us can improve our situation. Attitude, motivation, self discipline, and your philosophical outlook on life tend to impact your progress much more than raw intelligence, and the good news is that all of those factors are yours to control. Think you can, think you can’t, you are right!

Closing quotes:

“Each of us is shaped by the truth of our natures.” — Proverb

“To he who has a hammer, everything is a nail.” — NLP Principle

“To believe a thing impossible is to make it so.” — French Proverb