Every organization has its weaknesses, known failure paths where danger lurks and breakdowns tend to happen. If you have any knowledge of human frailties, if you have observed an organization for a while, you can predict where fumbles are likely to happen.

If you
– are proactive,
– care about the overall success of the organization,
– see yourself as a 360-degree leader,
then you will do what you can to help prevent a failure, even if it means putting in some extra effort or keeping an eye on something even after it has left your area of responsibility. Even though it is “not my job.”

I’m not talking about doing someone else’s job full-time or permanently facilitating the organization’s structural weakness. I am saying that those who:
– recognize they are part of a larger team, and
– see and help beyond the normal boundaries of their positions,

are those who receive
– recognition,
– appreciation,
– praise, and
– promotions.