Happiness is a habit, a by-product of right thinking and living. You are receiving this series of blog postings 2 rules at a time. Enjoy your happier life!

Here are the first 8 rules.


2. Live Smart, Avoid Dumb.

3. Have a Life Plan.

4. Think Positively, Be Solution Oriented.

5. Count Your Blessings (CYB).

6. Journal Faithfully.

7. Be a Life-Long Learner (3Ls).

8. Celebrate, Praise, Appreciate, Acknowledge (CPA).

And finally,

9. Stay Cool, Calm, Collected, Centered (4Cs). Every little thing is going to work out okay and if it doesn’t, you will find a way to cope. Believe in yourself and others will too. Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out.

10. Spend Less Than You Earn. The greatest luxury in the world is peace of mind. When you live beneath your income, when you having savings, you have contentment. Stay out of debt. If you have credit cards, pay them off monthly. If you can’t, put them away until you can. Pay off your car as soon as possible, ditto your mortgage. Cultivate thrift, make a game of getting the biggest bang for your buck. Do not let your sense of self-worth be anchored in your possessions. Enjoy life, live fully, but pay attention to what brings you true happiness, what forms lasting, golden memories. Rarely is it the things you spend the most on, so save your money.