Having trouble concentrating? Can’t focus? Maybe you don’t have ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, perhaps you have IDD, Interest Deficit Disorder.

Interest Deficit Disorder is when you are not doing what you love, when you are not following your passion. Now every job, task, or goal is going to have its fair share of drudge, the things you just gotta do to get where you want to go. Yet when the final goal, the basic job is one that interests you, holds your attention, pumps up your passion, then you will find a way.

Life is too short (and you are too talented) to not act on your dreams.

P.S.: A slight caution for the hyper-literal minded: “Follow your heart but take your mind with you.” Don’t be afraid to take leaps of faith, just pack a parachute (prepare, prepare, prepare, plus have a back up plan).

Closing quotes:

“Find things that you like a lot so you’re willing to focus on them. I don’t focus on things I don’t like.” — Nathan Myhrvold, former Microsoft chief technology officer

“It’s knowing your interests and working those. I’m can be lazy but I’m not lazy about doing things that interest me.” — Cliff Read, product designer

“So easy when I want to, so hard when I don’t.”