Being “coachable” means you are open to
– feedback,
– alternatives,
– correction,
– new ideas and, yes,
– open to even out-and-out criticism.

Just because it is not delivered with “a spoonful of sugar” does not mean it might not be just the modification or input necessary to make you or your idea truly great. Being coachable means that you don’t instantly reject opposing ideas especially when they come from people you know are intelligent and have good hearts even if different agendas. Being coachable means that you avoid “defensive bristling,” that all too common tendency to circle the wagons and drop into protective mindset when others do not automatically embrace our ideas.

Being coachable means that you
– take the time to FULLY understand why others have different ideas
– thoughtfully consider alternatives presented
– think input is a GOOD thing
– cheerfully incorporate the best of others’ ideas
– are open to experimenting, trying new techniques, and novel methods

Closing quote:

“Coachability is the extent that we hear and utilize outside input and influences. To produce breakthroughs, we need to be coachable.”  — Lisa Haneberg, business writer and organization development practitioner, vice president for MPI Consulting, Cincinnati