Want to stop global warming? Reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere? Slow the depletion of scarce natural resources? Save money too? EASY! Turn down your thermostat in the winter, turn it up in the summer. I recommend 68 degrees in the winter, 78 in the summer. I have heard of people who go for as low as 62 degrees in the winter, 82 degrees in the summer (long johns in the winter and shorts, ceiling fans, and shade trees galore may be required though).

How to do so and stay comfortable too? Dress for the seasons.

In the winter, dress in layers even indoors. There’s nothing wrong with a heavy t-shirt, thick shirt or blouse, plus a sweater indoors in the winter. Wear warm socks. Personally, I double up on socks at times, thin normal inner and thick outer wool ones. Ladies, winter may be the time to break out the pants and long hose, and eschew the skirts.

Use your window coverings strategically: My office window faces east, in the winter I keep the blinds open in the morning to get the heat. In the summer they stay closed until the sun has passed overhead.

Admittedly, everyone has different personal body settings. We have put adjustable air conditioning and heating vents in all offices to allow people to open or close to their individual preferences. It is not a perfect solution but it helps. The one thing we forbid is electric space heaters, a more inefficient form of producing heat has rarely been found.

Closing quote:

Think globally, act (effectively) locally