social competenceWhat is your social competence score?

Your social competence is closely related to your EQ, or your emotional quotient.

EQ is your ability to

a.  understand and regulate your emotions

b.  read and deal with others’ emotions and/or social situations in general.

Social competence relates more to what you are able to do or accomplish with your EQ. You can think of social competence as the non-IQ determined portion of your success in life.

There are several explanatory models for social competence, my favorite is the quadripartite or 4-part model:

1.  Motivational and expectancy skill set: Do you expect to succeed? Are you a realistic optimist? Do you persist? Are you resilient in the face of setbacks? Are you motivated?

2.  Behavioral skills set: Are you a good negotiator? Have you developed your influence and persuasion skills? Are you a good team member? Are you disciplined? Organized? Focused? Internally self aligned?

3). Emotional skill set: Can you bond with others? How easily do you achieve rapport? Can you see the world from another’s perspective? Can you control and direct your emotions?

4.  Cognitive skill ability: Do you understand and use cultural norms? Can you process information effectively? Develop a good decision-making process?

All of these social competency traits are learnable. All of are tightly linked to high achievement individuals.