acknowledge power of thoughtsThere is a saying: “No individual raindrop takes responsibility but still the flood happens.”

Similarly, the daily cascade of your idle thoughts direct the patterns of our life. Strangely, we rarely stop to contemplate how our thoughts shape our world view, and thus our emotions and eventual actions. If your thoughts are negative, pessimistic, can’t be done, won’t happen, woe is me thoughts, that is the reality you are creating. We rarely attempt what we expect to fail. Even more powerfully, we are broadcasting all the time and others generally take our unconscious self-appraisals at face value. If you do not believe in you, why should anyone else?

The good news is that “Habits of thinking do not have to be forever. One of the most significant findings of psychology in the last twenty years is that individuals can choose the way they think.”  — Martin E. Seligman, 1942–; “Learned Optimism,” 1991.

Affirmations are powerful tools to choose and direct your thoughts. To take control of your future, take control of your thoughts.

Closing quotes

“If you can change your mind, you can change your life.”  — William James; 1845–1910

“You may not be able to fully control the thoughts that come to mind, BUT you can control the thoughts that stay in mind.”  — Nathan S. Collier

“Thoughts held in mind expand in kind, what you focus on expands, look where you want to go”