praise of duck momentsWhat, you may rightfully ask, is a “duck moment”?

When problems build up and stress begins to accumulate, visualize water running off a duck’s back. It’s pouring rain but it does not bother the duck in the least. Be the duck! Let the stress associated with problems run off you like water off a duck’s back. That, my friends, is called having a duck moment, and it is a very good thing. Some stress focuses the mind and calls forth energy reserves; too much hinders creativity and leads to the duck moment polar opposite, though always to be avoided is the deer in the headlights moment.

Water running off a duck’s back is a powerful visualization to cultivate in order to release counter-productive stress. It does not mean you do not care, it means that you refuse to be emotionally hijacked by the situation. It means that that you are disciplined enough, have enough EQ smarts, to know how to release excess energy and stay effectively engaged.

Closing quotes:

“Stress is not an event but a chosen reaction to an event.”  — EQ Proverb

“Someone somewhere is not stressed out by this. If only for a moment, be that person, channel that emotional freedom.”  — Nathan S. Collier