Hispanic boy crossing fingers

What beliefs do you have that are holding you back? Belief systems are powerful in part because we fail at 100% of what we don’t attempt and we never attempt that which we do not believe we can accomplish. It is vital to distinguish between a healthy positive attitude and “Magical Thinking”.  Magical thinking is a wishing and a dreaming without undertaking the hard work necessary to make your dream come true.

Strong self-belief is like a turbo charger: it can’t turn your riding lawn mower into a Porsche BUT it can motivate you to create a lawn service business that enables you to buy a Porsche! The world believes your unconscious self-appraisal so make it the best you can; believe in yourself; your potential greatness and then go forth and create your personal masterpiece.

Often Belief Deficits masquerade as things we think we “just know” about ourselves:

“I’m not an extravert”

“I’m not a night person”

“I’m not good at this or that”

These labels we (or others) put on ourselves can quickly become limitations, keeping us from growing or exploring. Yes, we all have tendencies but our tendency does not have to be our destiny.

Wayne Dyer, in a magnificent book by the same title wrote that Real Magic was anytime you got yourself to do something you previously thought you couldn’t do. We all have the ability to be magicians and to perform Real Magic in our own lives. As Madonna famously said “We all re-invent ourselves, just some of us have more imagination than others.”

Audit your belief systems, challenge those that are limitations. Release your brakes and enjoy the life you were meant to have.