self as instrument 2

It is very difficult to observe anything and not impact it. Our mere presence has an impact, our words linger in the psyche of others long after we have spoken, our attitudes and responses create a lasting impression. 

I remember words of encouragement as far back as high school and as recently as yesterday. I consciously seek to fill my life with positive, uplifting, confident people who are actively moving forward with their lives and in turn I endeavor to provide the same optimistic, upbeat presence in their lives. 

I see my “’Self’ as an Instrument” that impacts, influences, and helps create the world around me. I see myself, my personality, my actions, and my beliefs as a tool by which I can mold, carve, shape, form, fashion, and sculpt the life I desire. Like a captain of a sailing ship, I must deal with the winds, tides and currents; and thus cannot always navigate directly or immediately to the port of my choice. But by altering the set of my sails and using hard earned navigation skills, I can achieve my goal.

Understand the incredible impact that you have on the world and people around you. Understand that your choices – friends, the jobs you take or don’t take, the conversations you have, the comments you make or don’t make, the thoughts you choose to focus on, the world view you chose to retain… all these POWERFULLY impact and create your life, your habits, and your destiny.

YOU are a tool, sculpting, creating your life. YOU are an instrument impacting your future.

Are you using yourself wisely? Does your personality serve you? Do your thoughts, words and actions support you? Are you sculpting the YOU, the LIFE, you want? 


As always, I share what I most want/need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier