Life is unpredictable. Good stuff happens, bad stuff happens. The key is how you handle the cards you are dealt; how effectively you respond, the depth of your resilience. If we see ourselves as bigger than the problem, then we manage. If we see the problem as bigger than us, then we stress out and agonize. Often, problems reveal our weaknesses to us and remind us of our vulnerabilities and we do not like that. 

We can choose to simply look at problems as difficult fact situations to be resolved as best as possible, as an opportunity to raise our game, improve our life management skills, get a grad degree in courage and patience. You can use any challenge to get mentally and emotionally stronger just as an athletic uses progressively heavier weights to get physically stronger, to build endurance.

Thinking of problems as training tools to build wisdom and endurance and to enlarge and enrich our life skills certainly requires us to recreate our mindset, yet there is no better way to “turn poison into medicine”.  “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life” remains forever more true; a new, solution-oriented mindset will empower you and energize you.

As always, I share what I most want/need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier