self awareness

“The ‘secrets’ of success lie in plain sight for any and all to claim; 

they just require time and great effort to work their magic. 

Most lack persistence and give up way too soon.”



Sometimes the “great effort” required is to increase our self-awareness, to enlarge our vision, and be willing to allow our maps and world view to be challenged. This can require we leave our comfort zone, release long held habits, patterns of behavior and thought. Many folks are good people, dedicated, committed and work very hard physically BUT are unwilling to accept this mental/spiritual/emotional enlargement and thus fall short of their potential and do not achieve their greatest dreams.


Hard work, being persistent, dependable, dedicated, committed, knowledgeable: These are all vital, important traits contributing to success and will take you far.  BUT at some level of success, they are but table stakes; everyone who has gotten to that level has the same traits. To go further or to surmount an obstacle or a seeming dead end in our path, the willingness to change ourselves, challenge our mental models, our world view, our self-talk, enlarge our self-awareness AND “other awareness” i.e. increase our EQ, Emotional Intelligence, become the most critical component.


This ongoing challenging of ourselves to change, to grow, to enlarge internally, emotionally is the “Last Step”, the “Greatest Step” we can take to becoming our best self, our greatest self.



– The Cave you Fear to Enter holds the Change you Seek

– Change your mind, Change Your Life.


As always, I share what I most want/need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier