Winners, champions, the 2 percent, the change agents, are not like most people. 

Most people start to accept things because they try a few times to change things and fail or nothing dramatic happens right away. A change agent never gives up trying to find a way. Over, around, under, through: champions keep trying, certain there is always a way; a different, better way. 

The fascinating thing is that these traits are not a matter of IQ, largely fixed at birth, but of EQ, of emotional intelligence. Wonderfully, EQ is eminently learnable, fully and completely within the grasp of any and all willing to make the internal investment necessary to craft their life into a masterpiece. 

Most of the so called “secrets” of success lie in plain sight, freely available to all. They are overlooked because they are not shiny, bright baubles or quick easy fixes but rather mundane tools that require effort and the willingness to change, to discipline ourselves, to change ingrained habits of behavior and thought.

Your life, your choices. Don’t let your dreams stay dreams. Please. 

As always, I share what I most want/need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier