metta prayer

Metta is benevolence, friendliness, good will, kindness, rapport, an active, caring interest in others. Metta is love without expectation, a generalized love, affection for others and for the human community as a whole. 

Metta is often practiced as a form of meditation in which one seeks to ascend progressively through a series of steps, first fully learning loving kindness and acceptance for 

1.  oneself
2.  a close friend
3.  a “neutral” person
4.  a difficult person
5.  all four of the above equally
6.  and then gradually the entire universe.

The embracing of Metta is linked to reduced stress and higher levels of happiness and connection.

Footnote: Thanks to Wikipedia as source for some of the information in this blog

Closing Quote:

“May I be Well;
May I be Happy;
May I be Peaceful;
May I be Loved;
May I Give to All
As i Wish to Receive.”
– Loving Kindness Meditation

As always, I share what I most want/need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier