Before every one, every day, every moment, appear pathways. Some go up, some go down, others’ directions are less certain though some double back and others are circular. Crowds pull us one way or another and the warm and noise of a group can be mindlessly reassuring. It is easy to follow unthinkingly, repeating comfortable patterns. 

We are all embryonic potential; we all have the ability to disengage from even the strongest habits, the capacity to wake up and live consciously. Yet while we are, collectively and individually, bursting with untapped potential at the same time we are all creatures of inertia. It is easy, oh so easy, to stay asleep.

How to awaken to full clarity? To live your best, kindest life? 

– Fuel Up Regularly: Find ongoing well springs of inspiration and motivation: Books, CD’s, courses, speakers, supportive networks.
– Chart Your Course: Write your goals and action plans for all your roles in life, refer to them regularly
– Work Your Mental Muscles: Seek Feedback and Expanding Self Awareness: Journal regularly, enter proactive therapy if possible (even only if for preventive maintenance)

Think about the choices you make every day; the crossroads that appear, the paths you take, the paths you pass by. Where do they lead? Why did you take the path you took? Did it lead where you thought it would? Are your companions those of chance or conscious choice? Do they challenge you to grow? Bring out the best in you? 

Your life, your choices. Crossroads are everywhere. Live smart, avoid dumb, don’t sabotage! 

As always, I share what I most want/need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier