dont feed bad wolf

Many of us have or have had situations in our life that cause us despair or anguish. Sometimes they take the form of repetitive suffering or negative energy. It can be challenging to realize or accept that we may have had a part in creating or perpetuating the situation. 

Often there is something inside us that keeps us “hooked”; that keeps pulling us back in. Frequently this takes the form of polluting thoughts or a world view that supports, consents to, or is willing to passively endure at least part of the dynamic, perhaps because even though dysfunctional it is known or familiar (family of origin, early relationship/role models etc.) and therefore comfortable in all the wrong ways!

My world view or internal thought patterns may be true (or part of the truth) but do they help? Are there other truths, other views, other frames, other interpretations that will help more? That will create positive energy? Direct my thoughts forward? What thoughts will focus me on solutions? Does it make me a better person? The world a better place?

STOP fueling troublesome emotions with your stories! By telling ourselves woeful stories, we create disruptive emotions. We nourish the wrong wolf, we feed the monster. Your internal conversations are powerful beyond belief. You are the programmer of your life and when you tell yourself woe is me stories you are writing internal code that will sabotage your dreams. Why would anyone deliberately put malware or virus on their laptop? Why would you put it into your own mind?

Be your own BFF, your own success coach, your own cheerleader. Don’t rent out space in your mind to anyone or any thought or viewpoint that isn’t fully on your side. Release your brakes, begin anew. Your best future awaits you.

Meditation is helpful because it teaches us to continually observe and release our thoughts, to stand aside from our emotions and realize that we are separate from them and not under their command. Meditation calms and strengthens the mind. Journaling is another practice useful for gaining perspective on ourselves, allowing us to observe ourselves and grow in self-awareness. I find both practices give me a calmness that carries forward throughout the day; my ongoing challenge and growth opportunity is to make it last throughout the entire day!

As always, I share what I most want/need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier