1.) Intelligent Initiative (Anyone can yell charge, can you pick the right moment? Prepare your troops properly? Train? Motivate?)

2.) Commitment to Continuous Improvement

3.) Organizational Ability

4.) Flexibility: Ability to move mentally back and forth from 50,000 feet to ground level, see both the trees AND the forest.

5.) Drive/Motivation: A DEEP internal need to be better every day; Fire in the Belly, Burning Sense of Urgency, Strong Need to Achieve, Accomplish, Succeed, Progress.

6.) Otherness: Desire to help others achieve and grow.

7.) EQ: Understand, Control, and Direct their own emotions while also sensing and responding to the emotions and needs of others; build trust, establish rapport, persuade, influence.

8.) Critical Thinking Skills: Can you sort the wheat from chaff? Pick out the critical variables? Sense how they relate, change over time?

9.) Systems Thinking: Related to critical thinking skill, vital in an ever increasingly complex, interrelated world. Don’t just solve the problem in front of you, find out WHY it occurred and what needs to be changed to prevent future occurrences! Remember, when failures, slip ups, and dropped balls happen: “Every system is perfectly aligned to achieve the results in achieves.”

10.) Execution Skills: Can you make it happen? In a cost effective, efficient, timely manner? Outcomes are the multiple of the Quality of the Decision times the Quality of the Execution i.e. A 10 decision with a 10 execution = 100, a perfect outcome. Perfect decisions are rare and it is easier to improve the quality of the execution than the quality of the decision.

As always, I share what I most want/need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier