Team Building Exercise: 

“Here’s what you need to know about me in order to influence me.”
-These are the things that drive me crazy.
-These are the things I respect. 


  • I like people to be organized and punctual.
  • I hate it when people haven’t done analysis before they show up to a meeting. 
  • I get very frustrated when people don’t follow through.
  • If I assume that someone’s going to be doing something and I find out that they haven’t done it, that’s very frustrating. 
  • There are so many things happening that you can’t drop the ball.
  • I also can’t stand people who over promise and under deliver. Details matter, numbers must be checked, verified.
    – Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, CEO, Glamsquad, an app-based beauty provider

Edited from NYT Corner Office Interview, 10/11/15

Things that Drive NSC Crazy: (I’m a big Positive Mental Attitude guy, prefer the Sunny Side of the Street but sticking with the theme of NYT article)

  • Calling in your performance, giving less than your best. It lets down our Customers, your Team Mates, everyone.
  • Failure to show initiative, go the extra mile, ask questions; reluctance to grow, learn. Hugging your comfort zone. 
  • Not taking responsibility (no blame, just accountability and transparency)
  • Negative Attitude, Woe is me; Can’t be done, Asking too much.

As always, I share what I most want/need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier