1. Give up what they want MOST for what they want NOW. Winners keep their eye on the mountain top.

2. Care more about external appearances than internal reality, choose sizzle over steak, be seduced by shiny, bright chrome over strong, durable steel, value form over substance, be driven by “other esteem” (public applause) rather than “self-esteem” (adherence to internal principles, self-mastery, self-confidence earned through genuine, hard-won competence). Related mistake: Trying to please everyone.

3. Neglect their homework, not do proper due diligence, rely upon “naïve trust” (often a form of laziness), excessive “winging it”.

4. Try to change anyone other than their self. Become the change you seek. She who masters others is mighty, she who masters herself is mightiest of all!

5. Blame Others/Outside Circumstances, Expect to be Rescued, Play the Part of the Victim, Fail to Stand Outside Themselves, Go to the Balcony, View the situation from the perspective of others, Not take into account what part they played in creating the situation, Fail to take Responsibility for creating the life they wish to live.

As always, I share what I most want/need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier